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Marketing Is Essential

Marketing Your Home with the Brandow Group

It’s true: marketing can make or break your sale. We like to focus on making your sale more successful, which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive and multi-channel marketing strategy to build prime demand for your property.

For Us, Marketing Is Key

We build strategies to get top dollar for your home, including:

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Photography & Video

Staging and More

How We Market Homes

This is the varied and innovative approach we take to market your home:

Professional Staging

Our marketing is way more than a “For Sale” sign, and it starts from the inside out. We provide staging that helps showcase your property, guide viewers through your home, and boost your return.

Professional Photography

Professional photography is non-negotiable. Once your home is ready for its close-up, we take photos that highlight all the things buyers want to see. Since almost all buyers are shopping online, we make sure yours stands out from the crowd.

Property Pages

A web presence for your home is essential. That’s why we’ll ensure that your home is marketed online with its own dedicated webpage. It’ll be your home’s own corner of the Internet – what’s not to love about that?

How Your Home Could Look

Instagram Promotion

When it comes to telling the story of your home, a picture really says a thousand words. That’s why we rely on promoting your home through Instagram, not only so that it can get “likes,” but so it can build real, measurable interest.

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Facebook Ads

Promoting your home on social media also extends to Facebook. We take advantage of their ad structure to promote your property to exactly the right audiences, in the right places, who are interested in seeing (and buying) a home just like yours.

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Email Marketing

On top of all that, we employ a targeted email marketing campaign to help get the word out about your home. We reach out to potential buyers, directly in their inbox. This kind of exposure is direct, engaging, and effective for your sale.

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Video Marketing

Who doesn’t love video? Our rich media strategy works to create stunning videos, created by a professional videographer, which can showcase all the best elements of your home. Working hand-in-hand with pro photography, video marketing leaves a lasting impression on serious buyers. It’s better than any movie!

Aerial Photography* & 3D Tours

Buyers want to see your home from every angle, often from the comfort of their own desktop or phone. That’s why we provide aerial photography to get all the right angles, and 3D tours that provide access (without bothering you).

*Where permitted by local bylaws

A Concierge-Level Selling Experience

It’s not just about what we can do to market your home, it’s the whole experience that results in a better sale. Interested in learning more about the whole package?

How We’ll Sell Your Home