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Tanya DiNicolantonio

Coming from a background in Rental Property Management and residential renovations, Tanya brings with her an understanding of what is involved in owning property for either personal or investment purposes.  The ability to envision the long-term results of a decision is an important part of providing guidance to clients who are unsure which way to proceed.

“I have been a property owner, a buyer and a seller.  I’ve sat and waited for an offer that felt like it would never come, and I have received multiple offers in a super-heated market.  My husband and I have flipped properties together, and we felt the roller coaster of emotions with each experience.  It helps me, as a realtor, to come from a place of empathy for my clients any time they are feeling stressed by the process.”

Being relatively conservative by nature, Tanya works to protect each client’s investment and equity as best she can by offering research to support her recommendations.  She will never pressure anyone to make a decision before they are truly ready, because it is more important to her to maintain trust than to complete a single sale.

Languages spoken: English, French, Italian.