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Scroll below to see a comprehensive list of OPEN HOUSES in the Greater Hamilton / Burlington / Niagara Area.

Fun Facts:   Centre Mall on Barton Street in Lower Hamilton was one of North America’s first malls, and is still a vibrant collection of retailers and other commercial services.

Hamilton is the birthplace of Eugene Levy, Martin Short, and the first Tim Horton’s coffee shop.

Hamilton is home to one of the largest botanical gardens in the whole of Canada – The Royal Botanical Gardens

Lower Hamilton Open Houses

Fun Facts:  ‘The Mountain’ is actually the Niagara Escarpment, which naturally bisects the City of Hamilton into Upper and Lower.  It is home to over 100 individual waterfalls, making Hamilton (according to the Smithsonian) the Waterfall Capital of the World!

Hamilton Mountain Open Houses

Fun Facts:   The Old Ancaster Town Hall, located at 310 Wilson Street East, was built in 1870, costing $2400.  The Heritage building is still fully functional, and can be used as a venue for events such as wedding receptions.

Ron MacLean, beloved sportscaster, best known for his Hockey Night In Canada partnership with the colourful Don Cherry, lived in Ancaster from 1989-1992.

Ancaster Open Houses

Fun facts:  Since it is Located in a valley surrounded by the Niagara Escarpment, Dundas is also known as the “Valley Town.”

In the fall, mature Chinook salmon return from Lake Ontario to their birthplace in Lower Spencer Creek to lay their eggs

Dundas Open Houses

Fun Facts:  Parts of the 2006 horror film Silent Hill were filmed at the Devil’s Punchbowl, a ribbon waterfall in Stoney Creek, and  in 1989 Super Dave Osborne performed a human yo-yo stunt there.

It is often assumed that the name refers to the Creek’s rockiness, but there is some evidence to indicate that the town was actually named for an early settler with the surname “Stoney.”

Stoney Creek Open Houses

Fun Fact:  The Avro Lancaster flown by the Canadian Warplane Heritage museum is one of only two airworthy Lancasters in the world.  It is on display at the John C. Munro International Airport in Mount Hope.

Glanbrook Open Houses

Fun Facts:  Until 2017, Smithville was known for an annual festival called PoultryFest.  The show drew residents from all over the region in mid-June every year. The festival earned the area the unofficial designation as “The Chicken Capital of Canada.”.

West Lincoln Open Houses

Fun Facts:  Along Grimsby’s Waterfront Trail, you can see a cluster of colourful, whimsical cottages that were once part of a religious camp.  The brightly painted gingerbread homes are unique to the area and are sometimes called “The Chatauqua of Canada.”

Grimsby Open Houses 

Fun Facts:  In 1898, hockey players in the town of Beamsville were the first to make use of a hockey net.

Beamsville is the heart of Niagara Region’s Wine Country. The unique climate makes this region particularly known for its ice wines, which make up fully 50% of its wine exports.

Beamsville Open Houses

Fun Facts:  Some scenes for the movie X-Men were shot at Spencer Smith Park, on the Burlington shore of Lake Ontario.

Actors Jim Carrey and Ryan Gosling attended schools in Burlington. Carrey went to Aldershot High School, and Gosling to Lester B Pearson High School.

Burlington Open Houses

Fun Fact:  In 2012, a local botanist named Paul O’Hara found a sugar maple tree on the Beverly Swamp Trail that is estimated to be 220-250 years old.  The tree had been purposely bent as a sapling to be used as a trail marker by the indigenous people who inhabited the area.  This maple is believed to be the first living Native Trail Marker to be discovered in the Hamilton Region.

Flamborough & Waterdown Open Houses