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Weekend “open housing” should be a fun time, but did you know it could cost you a LOT of money? How so, you ask? Below are some pro tips our clients use to avoid the financial pitfalls of attending open houses.

The most crucial information to remember is that the listing agent is working for the Seller. With this in mind, do not give too much information about your own situation that could later come up in negotiations if you were to put in an offer. The following are some things to keep confidential:

  • Your budget, especially if you can afford more than the list price
  • Any requirements for a specific closing date
  • Reasons why you MUST live in a specific neighbourhood
  • Anything you notice about the house that satisfies a unique need of yours
  • It’s also crucial to keep your emotions to a minimum. It’s great to find a home you love but unwise to show those emotions to a person not working on your behalf.

If this sounds like too much work there is a better way. We help dozens of buyers each year find their dream homes and 99% of the time its not from attending an open house. If you’d like to see how we help our clients save time, money, and stress.

Also, if you’re curious about the best steps to buying a home.

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