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Jessica is a young professional mom whose love for animals is second only to her love for her little girl. (We call Jessica’s daughter “the Gymnast,” because she can find a place to do cartwheels almost anywhere.)

Jessica was alone the day she walked into our open house in the country, and she was clearly carrying a heavy weight.

She had bought a house, less than a year before, on a full country acre.  She was sure this would be the place for her and the Gymnast to enjoy their beloved animals.

Unfortunately, the information she had received about zoning was incorrect, and she had just had to temporarily re-home several of their pets: alpacas, goats, and chickens.

Jessica states “I was so happy to meet Tanya. She left me feeling confident that I could trust her with my real estate dilemma”.

Fear: Finding a Competent Realtor

“I had recently sold a house and bought a house only to find that my previous realtor did not find me a home with the zoning requirements”… Jessica had only lived in her new home for 9 months before she had to sell and move all over-again.

She had spent many thousands of dollars to fence the entire acre and build a goat-shed in her backyard. Her previous real estate representative had failed to do enough research to ensure that this property had the correct zoning to allow her animals.

As a result, Jessica found that there was tension with neighbours who were not thrilled with the activity going on, and it became impossible to enjoy the house that she had meant to live in while her daughter grew up.

She was scared of making such costly mistakes again. Before choosing to use The Brandow Group, she interviewed 3 other real estate agents.

Our Must-Haves

Jessica was not difficult to please!  She had some basic requirements for a home for herself and her little gymnast, but she was not a particularly demanding buyer.

The one non-negotiable feature was a property that had space and zoning to allow for her furry family members. We knew that the research into the zoning regulations was of utmost importance before even viewing a property.

Once, we saw a beautiful house that we thought was zoned agricultural (which is what she needed), only to find out (after a few confirmatory phone calls to the municipal offices) that it was not.  We quickly scratched that option off the list of possibilities and kept looking.

Would you hire The Brandow Group again?

“Absolutely! I wish them well! I miss Tanya! She is so kind and lovely!”

The Brandow Group Surprised Us

When we asked Jessica what surprised her the most about the selling (and/or buying) process, her response was short & to the point:

“That Tanya was so devoted!”

When asked if there were stressful moments, her reply was: “Not with the Brandow Group. One time I left my comforter in the dryer before the first open house and I texted Tanya and she made my bed for me. SO embarrassing! Tanya was on it!”

When preparing to sell my home “Tanya helped me with my animals and their smell! She went to the Cleaning House (now my favourite store) and bought the greatest products for me to use and we got so many compliments on how the house smelled so nice!”

They also provided beautiful signs, the videos, the website! The feature sheet! Everything was so professionally done! The Kijiji ad and Facebook interest was really helpful.”

In explaining the best part of her selling & buying experience, Jessica explained “Even when Tanya was on vacation, (her son in law) Tyson was there. Tanya always had everything covered from the beginning to the day I moved in. She is still helping me!”

Jessica’s Advice To Other Sellers

“My home was not an easy sell and Tanya never once let me feel like I was burdening her with anything. She was fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone! I talk about her like she’s family!

I felt completely looked after, above and beyond what my previous realtor did. Tanya had the water sampled, and put clauses in my offers and acceptances that I did not have before to protect me.

I learned a lot from Tanya and her team. I had sold my house and bought a house the year before and there was so much that was missed that Tanya covered.

Her experience is paramount! She knows the ins and outs of homes and has great connections if you need help with inspections or renos and repairs.”



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