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Can You Sell Your House Without a For Sale Sign?

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Your neighbourhood is an extension of your home. For better or worse, your neighbours can feel a little like family.


This is probably why clients sometimes ask if we can sell a house without putting a sign on the lawn.  (We are talking about people who want to use a realtor, not folks who want to try selling privately.)  Many potential sellers simply dread having to explain why they’re moving away. They don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or have to answer personal questions.

Have you considered trying to do this kind of a ‘stealth sale?’

Of course, you are the owner, the client, and the ultimate decision-maker.  However, there are a few reasons why we consider having a sign to be a crucial part of a marketing strategy. (And it has little to do with ‘getting our names out there.’ Really!).


1. A sign provides crucial information. 

Your realtor has a system for answering calls and replying to messages quickly.  Potential buyers and their agents who drive by can call on the spot. They can request information about your home while it is fresh in their minds.  Without a sign, you could miss out on some serious interest from buyers who are looking specifically in your neighbourhood.  We find this to be particularly important with out-of-town buyers who often spend a day driving around areas they like.


2. Many agents (including The Brandow Group) include QR codes or memory-friendly website addresses like ‘’ on signs. 

This can be useful to both passers-by and buyers who book showings.  They can make a note of the website to review later on and virtually visit (or re-visit) the house.  Given the amount of information and visuals that are included in your listing (photos, video, 3D tour, detailed description), this can prove to be a very effective part of your marketing strategy.


3. A For Sale sign can provide a layer of safety and a deterrent to door-knockers. 

Many sellers report that, as they are preparing their house for sale, they have strangers approach the house and ask to see inside.  This could be due to the shortage of listings in our area. Eagle-eyed buyers look for signs of an upcoming available house. They just want a shot at winning an accepted offer.  However, it isn’t safe for you to allow unvetted strangers into your home.  As awkward as it might feel to refuse entry to a lovely couple or family who just wants to buy your house, we strongly  recommend that’s what you do.  Without a sign, you will likely have more of those unwelcome visits from folks who have noticed a flurry of activity at the house. Once you have a sign on your lawn, you can simply announce that you are under a contract that prohibits you from allowing unescorted visitors through.  There is contact information, and easy ways to obtain information without your direct involvement with buyers.


4. Neighbours will be less likely to panic. 

We know you love (most of) your neighbours.  They will eventually find out that you’re moving.  Without a doubt, there may be an uncomfortable conversation or two but, in our opinion, a For Sale sign is a better way to deal with this part of moving than a ‘stealth’ strategy.  How will the neighbours react if they see a parade of strangers letting themselves into your home when they know you aren’t there?  The most fearful may call the police – thinking you’re being broken into.  The bolder ones may approach to demand to know who the ‘visitors’ are – putting a sour taste in buyers’ mouths even before they’ve seen the inside.  And the quiet ones may be more hurt than they would be if you just told them what your plans were.  We can’t think of any benefit to personal relationships that come from hiding the fact that your home is listed for sale.

You could sell your home without a For Sale sign.  Just like you could carve a turkey with a dull knife…but we don’t recommend it!  A sign is an important part of your total marketing package – one that, in our experience, speeds up the process of getting your home sold.  Click here to see the complete strategy – and please don’t hesitate to call with any questions you think of!


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